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10:40 AM

5 mi


8:11 mi


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Race was very humid from start. Didn't bother me to much at start cause there was a breeze. Breeze went away soon! Pretty much once I h it the road and got between the houses. Ran by lots of nice beach houses.

Mile 4 was uggggh. Never got my breathing rhythm down, which translated to my legs. (Been trying to shake a cold for about a week) I'm coughing and sneezing as I type this.

Got water at each stop, about 4 of them, and drank half and poured other half on my head each time. that helped for a few seconds :-p I vow to never run in cotton again! Even if it is the team shirt, uggggh HEAVY.

Little things can make a BIG difference.

Lots of fun overall.

Good run :)