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12:00 PM

1 mi


4:23 mi


148.8 lb


32 F


7 / 10
7 / 10
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The Armory


DYC Mile today, 10th place in 4:22. Went out way too slow (2:11) and just felt flat after 1000m in. think i put too much pressure on myself and was just running tentatively. I was too worried about myself and the inside of my left shin, just did not run free. But, I came back to pace the 3k and felt awesome - super confident and comfortable, ran 1800m in 5:02 (was supposed to do 1000m in 2:45) feeling super good. On the line before pacing the 3k, I was very relaxed and just focused on helping my teammates. That is who I am and how I race, I'm not a prima donna who just thinks about myself. I'm doing this for my school, teammates, coach, and everyone who believes in me. I remembered that today. I know I am in very good shape, I think I can run this mile time twice next week...