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7:31 AM

30 km


7:51 mi


70 F
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Another Bad race. Guess I lost a lot more fitness over the summer than I thought. Started out fine, felt nice and easy at 7:00 minute pace but guess it was a little fast for the terrain and weather. Took a gu at about 8 miles right before a water stop, however there was no one at the stop and ddnt' get any water. Went another 2 miles or so before finally getting some water to wash down the gu. Really fell of the pace after thirteen miles. Was completely toast after abourt 15 and did some walking to try to get though it but didn't help much. Ran most of the last mile but it was through that stupid sand pit and that didn't help much.

Steffen ran the half and said it was the slowest half he's ever run. Heat, humidity and rough terrain can make for a slow run.