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5:59 AM

26.2 mi


6:45 mi


52 F

Race Result

23 / 2089 (1.1%)
2 / 233 (0.9%)
22 / 1235 (1.8%)

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Awesome race!

Perfect weather.

Goal was sub-3. (6:52 pace)

Started out with a couple really fast miles and kept telling myself to slow down. slowed to 6:42 for mile 3 and 4. then kept at it. I kept thinking I'd pay for the fast pace but it feelt good and couldn't convince myself to back off. Got a little silly with Miles 10 and 13 with 6:29, 6:29, 6:23 and crossed the 1/2 marathon at 1:27:17 (a new PR) then I settled into 6:42's for 2 miles. At 15 miles I was still feeling good and figured I might as well keep it up and see what I'm capable of. I knew I was way over my head but just wanted to finish strong. Hit some more sub 6:40's all the way to 20 miles then I knew I was in trouble. Got a side stitch and was getting tired and starting to think I made a big mistake. About half way through the next mile my pace was about 7:20 but the stitch went away and I figured I'd be ok. Still had lots of time banked so was not really concerned with loosing the sub 3 but knew it wasn't in the bag either. Last 6 miles are along the bay and you can actually see the city of tampa where the finish line awaits but it's a long way off. Those last 6 miles were brutal but was able to keep clicking off the 7 minute miles and finished it up.

Gun time 2:56:50, chip time 2:56:45