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7:59 AM

13.1 mi


7:17 mi


52 F

Race Result

5 / 235 (2.1%)


Happy with this race. It's a tough course, Fell once but didn't hurt much. It was right after the sign that says Easy loop, probably a good thing because some sections would be pretty dangerous if I tripped. FInally stopped my watch @1:36:07. Clock said 1:35 something as I crossed. Waiting for official results/standings.

Official results 1:35:20 and 5th place OA. sweet. Had no idea I was in 5th place, figured more like 10th or so. That's one of the things w/trail runs is I have no clue what place you're in. This race was pretty cool because a pack of 4 of us stayed right with each other from about the 3rd mile to the 10th. Lot different than the fall race where you hardly ever see anyone. FInshed 1 second behind the 25yo I couldn't catch and 12 seconds behind the first place master. Name is Eric Gustavson and he's 50.