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7:29 AM

26.2 mi


8:27 mi


85 F

Race Result

4 / 11 (36.4%)


PW for 26.2. Felt OK at the start and tried to take it easy. Bunch of guys went out fast and started picking off a few of them in the early miles. Caught Brad around 6 miles and he said he thought he went out too fast and was in for a long day. Told him I thought lots of people went out too fast and he said he thought most were 30k runners.

I was completely cooked on the second lap and did lot's of walking to finish it up. Not a goal race and kind of intended for this to be just a nice long run anyway so I'm ok with it. If it had been cooler I may have pushed it more but didn't see any reason to go for it today. 1st. place guy ran about 3:03 and first place masters was about 3:04. That's a new masters record and done on a hot day. It was about 70 at the start and high 80s by the end.

Training Plan Entry


26.2 mi

X-Country Marathon