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5 km


6:00 mi


59 F

Race Result

2 / 360 (0.6%)


Start wasn't too bad, a little crowded, started about 4 rows back from the line. Once the horn went off it opened up quickly and was able to run comfortably. Tried this race w/out garmin, just running by feel. Wore my Timex but at the 1 mile mark I checked it and It never started. Blamed it on the confusion of the start and started it at the mile mark. I think the split they called out was 5:45, faster than I wanted but still felt OK. Between the 2nd and 3rd mile the 10k's go straight while us 5k'rs head back. I was in about 8th place at the turn and only 1 guy turned back to finish the 5k. So I was in second place only about 10 seconds behind the first place guy. At the 2nd mile I looked at my watch again and still said 0:000:00, finally figured out I was hitting the lap button not the start button. I'm an idiot. Didn't really matter at that point I was just trying to finish strong. First place guy kept pulling away and ended up finishing in 18:19, then me in 18:39. Had some resemblance of a kick but not much. My time was just about what I expected but still nice to confirm it and set a PR by over a minute. Straight from the 20:XX's to the 18:XX's.

Gun time was 18:39 - Chip time 18:37