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6:00 AM

26.2 mi


7:00 mi


67 F

Race Result

28 / 1301 (2.2%)
3 / 146 (2.1%)
26 / 801 (3.2%)
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Well organized race on a pancake flat course. Little crowded at the beginning but not too bad. Weather was OK. It was warmer than I'd prefer but I don't think it bothered me too much. Quite a bit of wind and even a little rain.

Finish time is a little disappointing, just couldn't hold it together around Mile 19-21. Actually was able to pick it back up a little for the last 3 miles but there was nothing left in the tank. Completely spent at the end.

On the plus side it's a 20 minute PR from just 14 weeks earlier. Gotta pick a new goal race for the next sub3 attempt.

1 gu at the start, then 2 gu's, lots of water and a little gatorade during the race. They had the Endurance stuff and it seemed to be harder to digest.

Garmin time was 3:03:22.94, Official Chip time revised at 3:03:20.