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8:00 AM

8 km


6:29 mi


154 lb



7 / 10
7 / 10

Race Result

4 / 68 (5.9%)
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They had us line up for the race 10 minutes early and got to talk to Melanie for a few minutes. Darrin was running with a friend in his first race. I thought this race was going to be pretty predictable since I didn't see any fast people other Bill, Dan, and one other guy in front. Started out in the front with them and stayed with Dan for a few seconds and then decided to speed ahead. I was in second place and didn't even try to catch up to the leader since he is too fast for me. My calf had felt pretty good yesterday and didn't notice it too much running at our 8 min pace. However, at the 6:30 pace, I felt it in the first mile. I decided that I would not push the pace any faster. It didn't really hurt but felt tight and less strength going up hills.

I heard a guy behind me in mile 2 but didn't look back. I thought it might be Dan but it was a 20 yr old. I didn't even try to stay with him. At mile 3 I took water, drank a little, dumped the rest down my back since it was getting hot, and took an Accel. I did slow down to do all of this and at this point Dan caught me. I ran with him for a short while until the hill up to South Hampton. I thought about trying to catch up on the down hill, but he was running a good pace so let him go. I figured he'd catch me on the hill at the end if I passed him since I wasn't running hills very well.

Ended up running 32:11 which is 36 seconds slower than last year, but placed 4th overall and 3rd in age group. I think this course is a little short but it is the same every year. Dan placed 2nd in our age group and beat me by about 15 seconds. Hugh was second in his age group and Melanie was 2nd overall female and 1st in her age group. Hugh ran about 1:30 faster than last year.

Kevin, in Hugh's age group placed first but passed out at the finish line like he did last year at Parley Pratt. He turned out to be okay by the awards ceremony, but gave everyone a scare.

This was not the greatest race for me, but placed decent even though I could not get a course PR this year. Considering how I felt earlier this week and was limping on Wed, I was lucky that I could run it at all. I guess my calf just wasn't ready to run fast yet and I wasn't willing to push it since it didn't quite feel right.

m1 - 6:26

m2 - 6:32

m3 - 6:43

m4 - 6:50

0.87 - 5:38