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5:30 AM

9.3 mi


7:58 mi


154 lb


62 F


6 / 10
8 / 10


Today we ran to the golf course and ran on the perimeter which is a very hilly course. This run was in honor of Munashe who was required to carry some sort of stick as a weapon against predators. I hung back at the beginning. and eventually sped up and passed everyone except stayed behind James. The pack I was with ran around 2 times and then headed to the trail. Brad Miller was sticking to me like glue until the 2.0 marker and then Munashe passed and I stuck with him until the end.

Then that was only 4.8 miles so I extended the hilly route going on Katy Ln, Martinshire, Chapel Hill, and Grant. I was hoping to run a loop but was running out of time so turned around and went Chapel Hill, Forum, and back to trail.

This was kind of a crazy run today but a good hill workout.

m 1 & 2 - 16:59 (My GPS didn't work at beginning and then started working. Dan H. told me I was 1 mile off)

m 3 - 7:19

m4 - 7:37

m5 - 6:32 (catching Munashe)

m6 - 8:27

m7 - 8:27

m8 - 8:12

m9 - 8:12

0.3 - 2:10