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9:00 AM

5 km


6:26 mi


153.6 lb


75 F

Race Result

5 / 16 (31.3%)
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This was the first race of the beet juice study. There will be a second 5K on July 6. For each race I am taking 2 shots of Beet Juice (equiv. to 1 L) or a placebo 2.5 hours prior to the race. Diet the day before each 2 races must be the same. We kept a food log so I can just duplicate what I ate in 2 weeks. There were no watches. Results, including which drink for each race and times/splits will be shared with the runners later.

The course was out and back on the Bear Creek Trail. So it starts off and within 0.5 miles we are going down a big steep hill and then the rest is pretty flat. There were timers at each 1k. There were 3 guys that took off really fast and another guy that was maybe 10 - 15 seconds ahead of me by the end. I was getting closer but didn't catch him. It was pretty warm but I felt like I gave a good effort but slowed down on the big hill near the end. The course seemed to go quickly with people at every K. There was a water station but didn't use it. There was bananas, bars, bagels, donuts, water and Gatorade at the end.

Filled out a post race survey and picked up the supplement for the next race. The supplement I took today tasted sour and like beets. There is some lemon juice in it. It was't good or bad in my opinion but tasted very concentrated and strong. With the beets or whatever was in there, I've been seeing red in the stool all day so that takes a little getting used to. Could be each supplement has beets but one doesn't have the nitrates?

Time is just an estimate until they give us the actual time.