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9:53 AM

14 mi


10:07 mi


79 F
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Roots & Blues n BBQ Training

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After the race Hugh and I wanted to run more miles so we planned to run the Roots n Blues Half Marathon course. Dan S started with us so we got to enjoy his company for a few miles until he turned the opposite direction to head back on the MKT. The first few miles we ran through a lot of people tailgating before the game. Some girl stops Dan as we are running and he thinks she wants him to take a picture and she takes her phone and takes a picture of him and her and we are on our way. Took about 5 seconds and we were on our way. We ended up running this first part incorrectly so our overall mileage was long, but the map was a little hard to follow though the stadium area. Overall the course is very hilly with 6 hills and pretty bad hills in my opinion. I wasn't sure I wanted to run that far today but took it easy and I am glad I know the difficulty of the course. I really think this is going to be tougher than the old course. Sort of the Heart of America of half marathons. I don't think people have any idea the hills since there isn't an elevation profile on the race course. There is one hill that went up about 200 ft over a mile.and some shorter steep ones too.