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9:36 AM

3.1 mi


7:16 mi


155.2 lb


48 F
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Stephen's Park Boston Strong 5K

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We went home and picked up Abby dog to run it with us. This race was an informal event to remember the victims of the bombings, the runners and supporters. My coworker and a friend did all the work to organize and promote it. The race received quite a bit of prerace media coverage and also had media during the race. Unfortunately, the rain kept quite a few people away but still had around 40 people. The course was certified and well marked but it was up to each runner to keep there time if they wanted to do so. We observed a moment of silence before the race and then were off. Having just finished one 5K I planned to take it easy but Abby dog wanted to run fast. Each mile our pace gradually got faster (8:02, 7:11, 6:40). I ran behind a couple older guys for the second mile. Abby wanted to catch the guy in the lead so we caught up to him and finished the race with him. He was getting a bit tired and almost stopped before the finish line but I told him we had to go all the way. This turned out to be a nice little event and after we all received an e-mail on how to donate to the victims of the bombing.