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7:00 PM

4 mi


8:36 mi


155 lb


86 F


2 / 10
9 / 10
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Ran with Dan, Copper, Tanner, and Bruno. Hugh took Rusty for a walk and over to the pond since Rusty's leg still isn't 100% so thought it best he didn't run. Dogs had a good run with Bruno pulling me to the left all the way. We let them get a drink out of the creek during the run and then joined Rusty and Hugh in the pond. Rusty seemed to never grow tired of fetching the frisbee out of the water. By the time we were done, we were nice and wet from the dogs using their tails to sprinkle us with water.

The fun was not over and all went to Jason's and had concretes and the dogs had doggy cups. Humans and dogs had a great time.

m1 - 8:20

m2 - 8:22

m3 - 8:51

m4 - 8:48