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5:32 AM

7.5 mi


7:08 mi


152 lb


56 F
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Tiger Run

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I was hoping to get a few shorter runs in between this week, but so far that hasn't worked out. I will try to run a few miles each day until Monday. We ran the Tiger Run today. Ran with several people but stayed with Matt and Ted until the last stretch before the end when they picked up to 5:30 something pace.

I noticed my GPS had shut off at the Tennis Center so turned back on. I missed about 0.3 mi of the run. I estimated on the time and not sure if exactly right. GPS had 7.15 for 6:44 pace which I don't think was right either. The splits are really messed up. GPS says mile 7 was 3:25 so I think it is missing about 3 minutes. I started at 5:32 and finished about 6:25 so 53 minutes sounds about right.