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5:30 AM

14 mi


8:02 mi


154 lb


70 F


5 / 10
8 / 10
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West End


About 12 people total showed up for the run today. Ran a new Lunatics course with Dan, Destiny and Sam (ran with us 4 miles since he was running 10). It was foggy and humid and temperature felt great. This course had some new roads that I've never been on before. I almost directed us the wrong way once but we quickly figured it out. Dan and I took a little detour around the trail and went down Forum while Destiny took the trail and used the bathroom. Then we met back up with her on course went through Flat Branch Park, down Broadway, and to the finish on 9th. Calf really didn't give me any problems and I wasn't thinking about it every step of the way for a nice change. This was a good run and the pace did not feel hard at all. We tried to keep it reasonable since the Shikles is tomorrow.

m1 - 8:37 m8 - 8:07

m2 - 8:24 m9 - 7:51

m3 - 8:04 m10- 8:07

m4 - 7:54 m11- 8:19

m5 - 7:48 m12- 8:03

m6 - 7:32 m13- 7:48

m7 - 8:01 m14- 7:35