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1:50 PM

2 mi


8:16 mi


155 lb


80 F
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Shepherd Park

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This was not an easy pace, but don't think it is necessarily a bad sign. It was a bit warm too so will be cooler tomorrow at the start. I've been looking back over my runs in the last month and although my shorter runs are not as fast as I have hoped, my longer ones are the best ones. Since I am running a marathon, this is a good thing. My 2 mi run the day before last year felt tired and sluggish and I ran a great marathon. I did sleep well last night so maybe that will pay off too. I slept poorly last year.

After I finished I felt like my heart rate was way up and it was only 86 so it was my imagination. I think I am going to have to see how I feel tomorrow. If I am not aching to run as I have not been in quite awhile, I will do a short warm up. I don't really care how fast I run tomorrow, but will just see what I can do. I'd be quite happy with a 3:15, less than 3 would be a miracle, and just to finish would be okay too.