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7:16 AM

24 mi


8:54 mi


150.6 lb


85 F
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Two Loop Twenty Four

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Started the run at a slower pace with the heat and managed to maintain. I ran the north loop first. Encountered 2 baby raccoons on College Park, difficulty getting through campus with a race going on and football kids all over the place from Tiger Ave to the tunnel under Stadium. Got a loud whistle from some guy driving by on Stadium.

The second loop was less eventful and more in the sun but ran it last since it was less hilly. Kathy honked at me over near Green Meadows. On Grindstone some motorcyclist flipped off a car that honked at him. My last drink of water was at Stadium but managed to survive until the soccer fields for water. Lucky at Stadium I drank 1.5 bottles or things might have gone down hill. Since I came back on the trail it made the run a little longer and came out to 24 miles. Realistically I was hoping for 20 miles today even though I had 24 on the schedule. The schedule doesn't seem to be happening much lately. Pace was slower but felt good during this run since I adjusted the pace for the heat.