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8:00 AM

5 mi


6:11 mi


155 lb


50 F


8 / 10
8 / 10

Race Result

6 / 59 (10.2%)
3 / 9 (33.3%)


I attempted to not start this too fast which was difficult since there was a pack of 5 runners right ahead of me. I stayed behind and let myself fall behind close to Bill Stoltz. I could hear Dan's footsteps right behind me for awhile. This course had a lot of turns and garage sales to deal with. There were not many volunteers on the course but the turns were well marked. There were a few hills but didn't seem too bad. I kept Bill Stoltz and could also see Brian Evans ahead of me. On the turns I could see Dan behind me. No one was very close so really didn't push too hard.

Splits (some came early and some late after the markers)

m1 - 5:59

m2 - 6:11

m3 - 6:15

m4 - 6:29

m5 - 5:58

The first 5 runners in my age group placed 4 - 8 overall. I placed 3rd in age group and 6th overall. No age group awards but everyone received a key chain with a mirror that holds a picture. I had a 29 second 5 mile PR too. Hugh was 3rd in his age, 36:18 which is a PR by 1:24.