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5:31 AM

9.1 mi


8:48 mi


154 lb


28 F
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Niner Shiner

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Course today was to mulch pile out and back on the trail, but course conditions were questionable so I decided to run a different course on my own. I think a few others did as well. I started out feeling okay and picked up the pace. By the time I got to Stadium, I felt a bit depleted. Running up the slight hill to W. Blvd about finished me off even though I wasn't going that fast. Legs were tired, breathing wasn't working, legs were sore, arms sore, chest sore, etc. I have lots of excuses today. I ran quite a few miles last week and did a weight lifting workout on Tues. I thought with yesterday off, I would be fine today, but I guess not.

I did enjoy the run at the slower pace. A few houses on Broadway had their Christmas lights on. I had no idea how long this run was going to turn out since I made up the course. I came back down Providence and got on the trail at Reactor. Since it was light by this time, I could see the uneven trail which wasn't too bad but does make one slow down. I did feel like picking the pace up a little for the last couple miles as I felt my energy start to return. I could have kept running after nine since was feeling better. I guess if I can't go fast, I'll go longer. Running is just weird lately. I never know what to expect for pace.