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5:35 AM

19.8 mi


8:10 mi


151 lb


84 F


6 / 10
9 / 10
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Cosmo Park

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Run with Lunatics at Cosmo. We ran 3 mi easy and then some of us ran 4 tempo miles. Marathon tempo was the goal so these were a little fast. GPS stopped on second one but John was right behind me so I estimated based on his split. I lost 0.8 mi so added that back into the overall time and distance. I had a feeling I had run more than 19 since John had 14 when he stopped and I was at 13.6 plus had run a bit before we ran the 7 mi loop. We all started the loop together and I finished with John. We missed the turn for Proctor which was fine with me. I made up for it before I attempted my 3 mi at marathon tempo pace. I ran 2 mi and decided to take the rest easy. Finished with Brett and Dale.

This was a good run with so many different paces with the speed work to break it up. It was fun running it with the group. I think it was around 72 at beginning and it really warmed up making it really tough to finish. Those last few miles really just wanted to be done with it.