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6:34 PM

5 mi


7:57 mi


157 lb


60 F


5 / 10
10 / 10


Dogs were on fire tonight. I ran with Bruno & Rusty in Rocky Fork. I took my headlamp just in case it got dark while were out. At 2 miles they were running so fast that I decided to go out another half mile before turning around. It was a beautiful run with perfect temperature, and everything was calm out there. The lakes looked clear and the sounds of nature plus gun shots at the shooting range. I let Rusty off leash at 3 miles and Bruno the last half mile. The way they were running they could have gone further. I felt great too. It is flat out there and I I could have ran for many more miles. I think with a brighter light I might enjoy some night runs out there.

Yestreday I felt like I was getting a cold and willed it to go away drinking lots of grape juice. Today felt pretty good and the sore throat that had started to appear yesterday was gone. Hugh was not so lucky and stayed home from work.

m1 - 8:12 (once we got to the conservation area about half mile from home, they really picked up pace)

m2 - 7:46

m3 - 7:39

m4 - 7:48