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5:30 AM

6 mi


9:10 mi


156 lb


27 F


6 / 10
5 / 10


Started out good and then progressively went downhill. Calves weretight, both left and right Achilles felt irritated. I guess it is time to stop running for awhile. Calves feel very fatigued which is strange for only running 15 miles so far this week. Achilles also feeling irritated when walking. Running is not helping so I am going to stop for now.

Seeing Esteban Ruvalcaba massage therapist and Dr. appointment also tomorrow. I am hoping to get a prescription for PT again so I can see Rick Rother.


This is such an up and down situation for me, but things are looking better today.

I had met my massage therapist early this morning (Friday). It was not pleasant at all. Some kind of East Germany technique. I can't believe people pay to do that to them, but hopefully it helps. I let him hurt me as much as he wanted. He said to tell him if it was too much. It was too much, but I braced myself for the pain and let him do it. Parts of my calves are still hurting. He worked on each one for about 20 minutes.

Soreness is expected and I'm already feeling it. He wants me to run for the next few days which will allow the muscles to have a chance to return to normal. I also need to do a stretch that bends the entire side of my feet up. I do it twice per day 3 sets of 10. He thinks this should fix the problem and I should notice improvement within 6 - 9 weeks if I do this stretch.

It is not Achilles tendonitis. He did some pinching on the Achilles and poking before we started and said this would hurt like hell it were Achilles. It didn't hurt at all. The problem is the connecting muscles to the tendon. He has seen this problem before and says the stretch he recommended almost always works to fix it.

He set up one more appointment on Feb 6th but said to call and cancel if everything is moving along. He said typically he doesn't see people more than once or twice. I wonder if that is because of the extreme pain that he causes? He travels with the MU track team and knew one of the athletes that I know. He seemed to really know what he is doing so I am hopeful that this is going to work. I canceled the appointment with the doctor for now.

Not sure what I will do for running tomorrow or how far I will go. Most likely, I will keep it short and flat, but at least I get to try running.