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8:04 AM

3.1 mi


6:06 mi


151 lb


60 F

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1 / 180 (0.6%)
1 / 11 (9.1%)
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Blueridge Mustang Stampede 5K

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This race is a benefit for the American Cancer Society. We ran it 2 years ago but was not able to run last year. There were lots of kids running this one. It takes place at Blue Ridge Elementary and there was some sort of contest to see which school could get the most finishers. John Henson, co-host of Wipeout had a few funny things to say before starting the race. Many of the kids were lined up in front so I was just prepared to maneuver my way through them after the race started.

It was a crazy start with all the kids sprinting ahead, but by the first corner probably less than 0.3 mile, I passed the last 3 after I turned the corner. I held the lead the rest of the way and finished in 18:39, 7 seconds faster than 2 years ago when I had also run the Free State 100K the week before. Slowed down a little each mile - 5:51, 6:14, 6:17. The last mile was a bit up hill. Overall the course not too hilly but gets a bit curvy through Oakland Park. I received a medal for first place overall. Hugh placed 2nd in his age group.