Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

1.00 mi5:085:08USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships8/21/2015View Race
2.49 mi16:16.026:32GLR Leg B-13 "If you're a pansy this one's for you"7/18/2009View Race
2.51 mi15:24.946:09GLR7/17/2011View Race
2.68 mi16:41.986:14GLR7/19/2015View Race
2.99 mi18:52.136:19Bean School 5k9/6/2014View Race
3.07 mi17:17.845:39DeWitt Trail 5k9/13/2009View Race
3.10 mi16:205:17Concord Classic6/23/2007View Race
3.14 mi26:56.668:352/2/2019View Race
3.58 mi20:44.725:48GLR Leg C-10 "The Fitchmeister Land Cruiser Run"7/19/2009View Race
4.54 mi33:11.047:19GLR7/19/2015View Race
4.68 mi30:40.846:34GLR Leg A-9 “Back to the Shore to Shore”7/17/2009View Race
4.77 mi32:18.076:47GLR7/17/2015View Race
8.00 km28:455:48Allegiance 8K9/7/2013View Race
5.00 mi27:495:34Playmakers Autumn Classic 8k9/20/2009View Race
5.10 mi29:58.525:53GLR Leg C-2 "Jim Evans Daily Tribune Nature Run"7/19/2009View Race
5.16 mi33:46.726:33GLR Leg A-2 “Run Through the Trail Camp”7/17/2009View Race
5.26 mi42:09.328:01GLR7/18/2015View Race
5.42 mi38:30.937:07GLR7/16/2011View Race
5.47 mi36:42.276:43GLR7/17/2015View Race
5.66 mi36:36.306:29GRL Leg B-5 "The Bam-Bam Run"7/18/2009View Race
10.00 km36:305:53Orthopedic Rehab 10K4/23/2016View Race
6.78 mi38:21.925:40Detroit Freepress Marathon Relay10/18/2009View Race
7.46 mi44:25.395:58Clark Lake 12k8/7/2010View Race
7.50 mi45:096:02Clark Lake 12k8/3/2013View Race
9.33 mi1:00:38.276:30Kent City Ridge Run 15K3/22/2014View Race
9.72 mi1:04:04.546:36GLR7/15/2011View Race
10.00 mi58:165:50Crim8/26/2006View Race
13.07 mi1:23:59.426:26Dexter Ann Arbor Half Marathon6/3/2012View Race
Half Marathon1:18:556:02Dexter Ann Arbor Half Marathon5/31/2009View Race
13.23 mi1:23:55.176:21Akron Half Marathon9/26/2015View Race
15.55 mi1:36:116:12Fifth/Third River Bank 25K5/12/2012View Race
15.57 mi1:42:29.126:35Riverbank 25K5/14/2011View Race
30.00 km2:08:08.056:53Milford Labor Day 30K8/31/2013View Race
Marathon3:06:467:08Akron Marathon9/28/2013View Race
26.33 mi3:08:16.827:10Akron Marathon9/29/2012View Race