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8:59 AM

7.6 mi


12:26 mi


56 F
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Mt. Washington Road Race

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That was a bit of a fiasco. Worst possible pre-race week ever: in Vegas working a tradeshow all week, flew home on a red eye Friday morning, worked on an RFP all day, jumped in Capo's car and headed north.

My calves were very tight (duh) to the point my feet kept going numb as early as mile 2. I kept having to walk to get feeling back in my feet. That was weird, though it makes sense in retrospect. My feet/calves were f'd up from standing on a tradeshow floor all week, not sleeping, being dehydrated etc. Now my left Achilles is a little tight/sore but otherwise my legs feel fine--like nothing happened.

Not that I was fit enough to have a good race, but I would have run a lot better than this if not for Vegas. Alas.

A fun time anyway--this is such a cool/unique event.