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10 km


6:03 mi


This whole racing my way into shape thing sure is humbling. Ran okay through 5 miles (29:57) then the wheels apparently fell off, 36:30-something at 6 miles. Although I didn't feel like I was slowing down that much, or at all--I guess everyone ahead of me was too. That's probably about where this week's training load caught up to me.

What a difference the Grand-Prix makes. Last time I ran this race I ran 35:59 for 79th place. This time a minute and a half slower was good for 6th overall (but 3 of the guys ahead of me were 50-plus-year-olds including EJ.) Gotta love racing in New England.

All in all a *really* good training week--3 very solid LT workouts including this race (a.k.a. 1 x 10k at HMP). I'm just doin' the work, not worrying about the results at this point.


The Thunder

You're doing grate! :)