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13.1 mi


6:12 mi


What a difference a week and not doing a hard workout on Thursday makes. Pretty happy with this, especially since it was a completely solo effort. Never passed anyone nor got passed after the first 100 yards of the race. Finished 8th but could not even see 7th after about a mile and a half.

Perfect weather. Ran faster than I did at this race in 2008 (granted, in a downpour) when I was in pretty sick shape. I'm not saying I'm in that kind of shape, or really close to that, but I'm getting back into the right range anyway. Obviously not as fast as when I won this race in 2010, but that factoid does not really help my argument so I'm choosing to downplay that one.


The Thunder

Well done sir...glad to see you're going to get back in the game and make this thing fun.


Thanks, who knows this training my way into shape experiment might actually work.


Nice running Mike !! Well done. You must be pretty happy given the increase in depth of the field .. your time from 2010 would have only been good enough for 7th in 2012. This David Corbett guy is a good example .. 2nd in 2010, 5 minutes faster in 2012 and finishes 3rd.


Thanks. Overall place is not something I really worry about in races, especially small races like this one. That comes down to who shows up more than anything. The field didn't seem all that deep when I was totally solo for 90% of the race. When I won it in 2010 it was a nice experience to follow the police car for the last 2 miles and all, but I would have gladly traded it for going a minute faster and finishing 10th (or 100th for that matter.)