Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

1.00 mi6:36.406:37Flint Hills Mile7/1/2010View Race
1.04 mi7:347:17Flint Hills Mile6/6/2019View Race
2.75 mi22:178:07Golden Heart Trail Race8/23/2008View Race
2.81 mi22:08.547:53Golden Heart Trail Race8/24/2013View Race
2.95 mi25:038:30Golden Heart Trail Race8/19/2017View Race
5.00 km21:577:04Independence Day 5k7/4/2010View Race
3.14 mi24:077:41Chena River Run5/6/2017View Race
4.70 mi36:397:48Ragnar del Sol2/29/2008View Race
4.80 mi34:35.907:13Run of the Valkyries7/17/2010View Race
8.00 km36:34.807:22Run of the Valkyries 8k7/16/2011View Race
5.00 mi36:457:21Ak Run for Women Race6/9/2007View Race
10.00 km44:39.947:12Midnight Sun Run6/19/2010View Race
6.40 mi49:587:49Ragnar del Sol3/1/2008View Race
6.80 mi48:567:12Ragnar del Sol3/1/2008View Race
10.70 mi1:41:31.259:30Musk Ox Run8/29/2013View Race
11.00 mi1:29:50.928:11Murphy Dome Roam5/15/2011View Race
12.58 mi2:13:1610:36Musk Ox Run8/22/2021View Race
13.04 mi1:45:03.928:04Two-Way Torture Test6/2/2012View Race
Half Marathon1:40:11.607:39Santa Claus Half Marathon8/6/2011View Race
16.30 mi2:15:00.498:17Gold Discovery Run7/26/2015View Race
16.42 mi2:29:519:08Gold Discovery Run7/21/2019View Race
16.50 mi2:09:20.707:51Gold Discovery Run7/24/2011View Race
Marathon3:30:498:03Newport Marathon6/4/2011View Race
50.00 km5:06:40.879:53Equinox Ultra9/18/2010View Race
31.80 mi6:16:21.4611:51She Rocks The Trails6/15/2013View Race