Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

400.00 m1:094:38Random Relay8/5/2006View Race
0.28 mi1:134:21Strider DMR8/7/2021View Race
0.94 mi5:476:10Summer Series Random Relay7/13/2021View Race
1.00 mi4:57.254:58Strider Mile8/15/2015View Race
1.04 mi5:33.995:22Strider DMR8/3/2019View Race
2.00 km6:505:30Summer Series 2k Relay7/18/2006View Race
3.00 km10:275:37Random Route8/1/2006View Race
2.00 mi11:205:40Breeze Fusion 2 Mile11/1/2008View Race
5.00 km16:50.265:26Inverclyde Leisure 5k7/25/2010View Race
3.18 mi21:156:41Summer Series Poker Run7/20/2021View Race
3.46 mi21:156:09YMCA Independence Day 5K7/4/2022View Race
6.00 km21:325:47New Quarter Park 6k9/20/2008View Race
4.00 mi24:296:087/22/2008View Race
8.00 km28:14.685:41Neptune 8k9/25/2010View Race
4.99 mi29:06.905:51Shamrock 8K3/21/2015View Race
6.18 mi37:24.416:04Mount Ephraim 10K8/14/2016View Race
10.00 km35:315:43Turkey Trot 10k11/25/2010View Race
14.00 km49:48.235:44Virginia is for Lovers 14k2/11/2012View Race
15.00 km57:156:093/2/2013View Race
10.00 mi58:025:49Capitol 10-Miler10/2/2010View Race
20.00 km1:15:14.626:04Distance Series 20K1/8/2011View Race
Half Marathon1:17:555:57Cardiff Half Marathon10/6/2013View Race
13.62 mi1:40:507:25Chills In The Mill Harwoods Half1/15/2022View Race
13.94 mi1:27:44.296:18One City Marathon Relay3/4/2018View Race
15.00 mi1:36:336:27Distance Series 15M1/28/2017View Race
25.00 km1:33:096:00Distance Series 25K1/29/2011View Race
30.00 km1:55:546:14Distance Series 30k2/23/2013View Race
20.00 mi2:07:466:24Stonewall Jackson 20 Mile Ambulance Run10/11/2008View Race
20.09 mi2:16:116:47Distance Series 20M2/27/2021View Race
22.78 mi3:00:157:55Glory Over Pain7/21/2019View Race
23.41 mi2:52:227:22Wings for Life App Run5/5/2019View Race
26.18 mi3:28:417:59Virtual Cayman Marathon12/4/2021View Race
Marathon2:45:226:19Boston Marathon4/18/2011View Race
50.00 km3:35:096:56Virginia Distance Series 50K2/8/2015View Race
31.27 mi3:54:34.677:31Seashore Nature Trail 50K12/18/2021View Race
32.50 mi4:54:159:0412-HR ATR9/20/2014View Race
37.80 mi6:49:0910:50Dusk to Dawn to Dusk 24-Hour5/14/2016View Race
40.00 mi4:57:47.917:27Barry 403/11/2018View Race
50.00 mi6:56:50.118:21Gibbet 5010/8/2011View Race
100.00 km9:28:049:09Dismal Swamp 100K12/12/2020View Race
62.49 mi8:37:088:17Dismal Swamp 100K12/4/2021View Race
63.20 mi9:49:489:20One Mile with a Smile 12-Hour Endurance Run8/10/2019View Race
64.95 mi9:29:278:47Windsor Castle 10-Hour6/12/2021View Race
65.00 mi10:44:439:5612-HR ATR9/19/2020View Race
69.58 mi12:00:0110:21Virtual D35/8/2021View Race
71.25 mi12:25:0310:28Virginia Run/Walk for Cancer11/7/2020View Race
71.50 mi10:50:39.439:0712-HR ATR9/21/2013View Race
77.93 mi11:46:58.559:05One Mile with a Smile 12-Hour Endurance Run8/19/2017View Race
78.26 mi12:00:049:13Dusk to Dawn to Dusk 12-Hour5/30/2015View Race
90.76 mi14:48:179:48Virginia Run/Walk for Cancer4/24/2021View Race
100.00 mi15:26:259:16Rocky Raccoon 1002/1/2014View Race
100.16 mi17:18:48.3610:23Dusk to Dawn to Dusk 24-Hour5/12/2018View Race
100.40 mi24:00:0014:21Dusk to Dawn to Dusk 12-Hour5/11/2019View Race
100.53 mi24:00:0014:20NorthCoast 24-Hour Endurance Run9/22/2018View Race
101.25 mi24:00:0014:144/27/2019View Race
102.90 mi18:52:5911:01North Downs Way 1008/4/2018View Race
106.25 mi23:43:2113:2424-HR ATR5/7/2011View Race
110.00 mi24:00:0013:0624 The Hard Way10/25/2014View Race
112.50 mi22:00:0011:4424 Hour Run for Cancer4/20/2013View Race
126.00 mi23:50:0011:2124 Hour Run for Cancer4/26/2014View Race
128.87 mi22:45:4410:3624 The Hard Way10/26/2013View Race
133.25 mi24:00:0010:4924 Hour Run for Cancer4/26/2015View Race
135.00 mi24:00:0010:4024 Hour Run for Cancer4/30/2016View Race
135.60 mi24:00:0010:3824 The Hard Way10/24/2015View Race
140.47 mi24:00:0010:16NorthCoast 24-Hour Endurance Run9/16/2017View Race