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11:45 AM

9.8 mi


6:30 mi


Race Result

35 / 104 (33.7%)
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20:30 WU, 21:53 6k race, 20:56 CD

4 strides in trainers and a set of GS post-run.

An okay race for me, a GREAT DAY for the team as a whole. B1G Champs! For the third time in four years. So proud of how my teammates ran, especially Katie (5th overall her first time running B1Gs), Meg Rodgers (15th place, finished as our 5th today), and Swain (22nd place, finished as our 7th, and was 1s away from our 6th girl). It has been such a great experience traveling with this group of girls all season.

My race wasn't the greatest. The whole field got out pretty quick, and I was around 50th place before the mile. I was next to Swain, and we hit 5:20 at the 1-mile mark. I panicked a little bit, then tried to focus on moving up in a field of runners who also went out too hard. Moved up over 20 places before the end of the race, so at least I improved my position. Definitely a learning experience. If a race goes out to hard, throw times out of your head and just compete. Don't dwell.

Happy to have my dad out there cheering us on, as well as some old teammates, and our old volunteer coach, Kevin C. Our entire women's cross country team made the trip out to spectate, and it was awesome cramming us all onto the stage after we were recognized for the win. :) Spartan family~