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7:30 AM

13.1 mi


8:58 mi


116 lb
163 bpm
205 bpm
87 bpm


78 F


9 / 10
9 / 10
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Will put more notes about the race in my blog but overall great race. Started strong and felt fast though goal was 9-minute miles. At mile 3 I was at 26 min. and was thrilled to be under my pace. Hit mile 6 at 52:26 which is my best 10K time ever and planned after miles 6 I'd take water. Took water 4 times with small sips each and the rest poured over my head. It was definitely hot and the route was shaded 60% of the time. Nearly every mile had a hill or upward grade of some sort. Still felt good at mile 9 and by mile 10 I knew I had to really watch my pace but for some reason had a hard time slowing down. Mile 12 had a very steep hill that I couldn't run and walked up w/ long strides, was probably .15 miles uphill and finished to run. Just before mile 13 I was feeling tired but wanted to finish strong. At the mile 13 mark I was able to go into my extra gear and finish strong. Goal was to beat my Greenville time which I did. Great but killer route and great but small race!