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6:00 AM

10 mi


9:02 mi


160 lb


46 F


WOW! A very hard run. The first three miles I though I wasn't going to make it because my legs felt tired but then at about mile 3 "it" (whatever that is) kicked in and I powered up the hills with some guy I don't know.. never asked his name but should have. I ran with him until mile 8 when he stopped to walk and then at about mile 9 I started feeling like (*!#$^*. I could tell I ran the hills fast. But overall I was very pleased with this run. It was very, very hilly and i kept a 9:00 mile... i couldn't believe that. I hope I don't pay for it tomorrow. The wind was not as much of a factor as I thought it was going to be. When I went to bed it was blowing 25 mph and gusting at 35, but it had calmed down this morning to about 5 mph. It picked up to 10 mph when I finished and I could tell, but I only had to run into the wind for the last half mile or so.