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7:51 AM

26.9 mi


10:44 mi


155 lb


64 F
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chicago marathon

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wow.... it was REALLY COOL running this race. But I never dreamed we would run the time we did. First, we lined up WAY too late. We waited until about 20 minutes before the race. That meant we could not get up to the pace where we needed to run... about a 9:30 mile. We ended up with the 11:00 milers. And once the race started we couldn't get through them... there were just too many people. I really believe the slow running got to our quads... mine were aching at about mile 8... and and mile 22 or so ricky's started cramping.... so much he couldn't run. Plus it was hot... 64 at the start and 77 at noon... we finished at 12:45 so it was probably close to 80. I felt sorry for Ricky because his training went so well... it was a walk in the park for him with the slow (for him) pace we were running. The fact that he had to have a bad run at the race just sucks! But our goals were to run the whole thing together and to finish and we did both! Despite the time and the problems... I had fun!