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8:00 AM

13.1 mi


12:49 mi


194 lb


75 F


Overcast and a little too warm today. My first half marathon, and it was harder than I thought it would be. I felt fine at the nine mile point, but after ten miles I started wearing out, and the last mile was very tough. Enid ran the 5k with Elia, and they had a nice time. 1/5/15.... first day back to work, and I was trying to see yesterday's race from a perspective other than having come in close to last place overall, and dead last for my age group. It's surely great to have this website to keep these records, because it's just so easy to see the big picture here. On Feb 23, 2014, I went outside for the first time and ran a little over one mile at 11:36 pace, and the following day, probably still a little stiff/sore from the previous day, I ran one mile at 12:52 pace. I never would have guessed then that about ten and a half months later, I would be running over 13 miles slightly faster. So I certainly haven't set the world on fire with my running, but I have most definitely made substantial progress.