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8:30 AM

15 km


12:39 mi


191 lb
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Going to have to go w/ the official time, but my interval timer disagrees with it, don't know why. According to the interval timer, my time was 1:57:51, for 12:39 pace, but the official time was for the crummy time listed. Anyway, had a great time! Tim showed up, which was neat! I got an email from him this morning that he was it as we left at about 4:45 in the morning! Anyway, he left Gainesville later than us and arrived later, and he called me just as I was heading into the bathroom stall to go poop...there I was, trying to talk to him in this noisy, stinkin' bathroom with flushing toilets all around me and myself stripping off to sit down.... very funny! Anyway, I had a very good time on the run, and felt like I ran a good bit better than I ordinarily do on the sunday long run. Strange that my timing is so different from official. We went to a cool restaurant called Kickbacks Gastropub in Riverside after the race and had a nice time, want to go again next year, gotta get the chef salad next year!

UPDATE...I checked the official results, and discovered that my CLOCK TIME was 2:10:15, but my CHIP TIME was 1:57:53! So my interval timer was correct, and I ran 12:39 pace as I hoped! Boy, that's good news. I just couldn't believe I had done so poorly!