Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

600.00 m1:32.254:08UMO track10/15/2009View Race
800.00 m2:08.654:19MDI track6/6/2009View Race
1600.00 m4:43.364:46MDI track6/6/2009View Race
2.00 mi10:41.955:21Belfast Track5/22/2009View Race
4.00 km12:52.375:11Great Pumpkin 4k10/9/2011View Race
3.00 mi16:27.145:30Brewer Turkey Trot11/18/2012View Race
3.03 mi17:14.825:42Alpenfrost Frosty 5k2/8/2014View Race
3.11 mi16:46.275:24University of Maine x-c Open9/5/2009View Race
3.15 mi18:00.215:43Easport Salmon Festival9/3/2017View Race
3.19 mi17:43.505:34Firecracker 5k7/4/2011View Race
3.53 mi21:11.916:0111/24/2018View Race
4.00 mi30:58.597:45White Out- Snowshoe Race @Bradbury State Park2/12/2012View Race
4.50 mi27:316:07Belgrade January Thaw1/31/2009View Race
4.94 mi27:56.375:40Bangor Labor Day Race9/2/2013View Race
4.98 mi29:43.975:59TCTC Frozen Foot 5 miler1/30/2016View Race
5.01 mi29:06.735:498/20/2016View Race
5.03 mi29:23.015:516/17/2018View Race
5.07 mi38:14.827:338/15/2020View Race
5.15 mi38:44.697:32Downeast Lakes 5 mile trail race8/13/2016View Race
5.53 mi32:24.575:52July 4th Around MDI Relay - Leg 67/4/2014View Race
5.87 mi38:04.826:305/5/2019View Race
6.00 mi39:56.446:40Bradbury Scuffle 6 mile trail Race7/15/2012View Race
6.08 mi37:40.606:129/9/2018View Race
6.21 mi35:23.325:42Maine Lobster Festival 10k8/7/2011View Race
6.25 mi38:09.786:07Cobscook 10k course5/23/2020View Race
6.32 mi46:05.857:1810/30/2016View Race
6.36 mi41:01.696:284/22/2017View Race
6.70 mi43:16.926:28July 4th Around MDI Relay - Leg 87/4/2012View Race
7.00 mi41:275:56Charles E. Davis 7 miler7/1/2018View Race
7.44 mi50:49.876:50Wildlands Trail Race10/28/2012View Race
7.50 mi46:50.636:15Light to Light6/21/2009View Race
7.66 mi1:15:58.729:56Cranmore Hill Climb7/21/2013View Race
7.81 mi46:43.085:597/24/2021View Race
7.95 mi1:04:09.338:05Frenchmen Bay Conservancy Autumn Trail Race11/6/2016View Race
8.18 mi1:08:31.258:23Frenchmen Bay Conservancy Autumn Trail Race11/5/2017View Race
8.38 mi54:10.216:28July 4th Around MDI Relay - Leg 27/4/2012View Race
8.51 mi1:07:03.647:53Bradbury Mountain Breaker - Trail Race8/5/2012View Race
8.99 mi1:04:46.277:13July 4th Around MDI Relay - Leg 47/4/2013View Race
9.08 mi58:39.696:28July 4th Around MDI Relay - Leg 47/4/2012View Race
9.17 mi57:55.036:197/20/2018View Race
10.00 mi58:42.455:53Tour du Lac6/30/2012View Race
10.21 mi1:02:53.146:10Cabot Trail Relay - Leg 135/26/2013View Race
10.57 mi1:06:55.276:207/24/2021View Race
10.61 mi1:02:10.425:52Cabot Trail Relay - Leg 15/25/2013View Race
11.73 mi1:29:53.767:407/21/2018View Race
12.00 mi1:27:15.737:17Bradbury Bruiser Trail Race9/9/2012View Race
12.41 mi1:20:45.296:315/27/2017View Race
12.99 mi1:18:216:02Blueberry Cove Half Marathon8/26/2012View Race
Half Marathon1:15:40.625:47MudDogs Half Marathon3/22/2015View Race
14.24 mi2:18:18.199:43Rompin Rockwood 25k5/20/2018View Race
19.26 mi2:39:33.038:185/13/2017View Race
Marathon2:44:47.196:18Martian Marathon4/12/2014View Race
26.31 mi2:53:13.446:365/19/2019View Race
50.00 km3:55:18.757:35Great Cranberry Island 50k Ultra Marathon7/21/2012View Race
31.29 mi8:14:48.6115:49ACI5/22/2021View Race