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8:33 AM

6.2 mi


5:42 mi


161 lb



9 / 10
10 / 10

Race Result

3 / 208 (1.4%)


good PB in the books.

started off with some parts of the cannonball and standard warm up routine. Legs were feeling sluggish, but shaked them out and was feeling more into it. First mile i went out with Nick Wheeler, and a couple of other fast guys...i think about 5 of us total or so. Than Nick took off up the hill at 1 mile and never turned back. I hung in the the guy in second place and he pulled me through 2, 3, and 4. About 4.75 or so he started to go left when he should have gone straight, so i screamed at the volunteer and told him to go straight. felt bad for him cause by that time he had a good 100m on me and i had caught up to him. He pulled me up that hill by Hannafords, and made it great for that hard hill. The finish rather sucked but i saw my watch at 6 miles and i knew i had broken 36, which was my goal. very happy about that and where my fitness is. Just before the finish line the guy in second almost took another wrong turn, but i caught him and had him in the right direction. Finished right behind him in 3rd place.

2 hours later legs are feeling pretty good. might attempt a short run tonight to shake out the legs, but we'll see.