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7 mi


5:56 mi


184 lb


74 F


Hot hot Hot. Bussed out the start line at 0830am. Perry corner to Eastport. Went out comfortably hard 5:30ish. JC went out 15 seconds faster than that. I knew that was beyond my fitness and would get my in trouble so i let him go. Not far behind me was Robert at that point. By mile 3 Robert caught me, we probably ran together for about a mile before we hit a hill at mile 4ish, as we crested i put in a burst, and passed him, led the downhill and kept pushing it. Later he said he ran a long run yesterday (20 + BFIM last weekend - if he was Fresh i would have suffered more).. Caught a few walkers which helped push the pace the last bit into town. tough running by yourself for sure. I done with stupid trophies, and done with people complaining about awards. Can't we just race for time get a cheap shirt and move on.