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11:30 AM

50 km


7:35 mi


162 lb


74 F

Race Result

4 / 111 (3.6%)


Epic event! Toed to the line with no goal in mind, except to finish.Weather: 74, sunny, and a light cool breeze off the ocean. Legs this past week have been fairly flat and just not feeling up to snuff so i didn't know what to expect. Took the first mile easy, hanging back with a good group and just talking an joking. The first lap went by fast, and at this point i was able to grab Loki and get him to run 3 or 4 miles with me. I was just too hot, if it had been cooler i may have taken him longer. After giving the dog back to Brittany i took a half mile to catch the leaders and run with them for an out portion. At the turnaround, someone got in the way making it hard for everyone to maintain the same pace and this is where i was able to breakaway, with matt close behind. We ran basically through 20 miles in first/second just enjoying the scenery, cold water and great spectators. By mile 22 i knew i was in trouble as i just wanted to walk and give my body a break, my hamstrings gave in first cramping, the first sign i was on the verge of dehydration. I gave in as 23 and started to take walk breaks, which broke me down even further, and slowed the pace right down. I hit the marathon mark in 5th place, with a 3:09:38 ( no BQ this year so far). Finished pretty much the same, but i was able to get a finishing kick over the last half mile and pull of a 3:55. Felt great to sit down and gobble down some lobster. next time keep our belongings within reach as our cooler was lost for all of Saturday, and we were without beer (gasp!) and chocolate and snacks..not so fun. Took in plenty of water and gu through the first 15, but after that i was tired of the gu, and gatorade and water were pretty much all i could get down. If it wasn't for the nice Residents of GCI with cold water stations to dump over your head, i don't think i would have been able to dip under 4 hours in my first 50k.

All in all A+ event and it should be on everyone's Bucklist, as it really is the BEST RACE EVER!

Below are split from the timing company.

place 4 -

Bib 15 -

Time 3:55:18 -

Name - Eric Mauricette 21 M Old Town ME

5k - 21:27


Last4- 27:22













last4- 36:54