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7:37 AM

13 mi


6:02 mi


162 lb


70 F

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1 / 77 (1.3%)
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Defended my title. Lowered the Course Record by exactly a minute. Honestly didn't know who would show up and run so i just went out comfortable and basically on pace with all the half's i've done so far. Coming into the race i didn't really know where my fitness was, and this week i had really hadn't gotten much in, so i just went out where i thought my fitness would carry me through. The first half really had no surprises for me as i already knew the course just disappointed with the water stops, but it sounded like it was better for the runners after me. Happy that i didn't have to stop and tie my shoes twice like last year. I clearly found out that i have some work to do on hills as near mile 6 or so the steepest hill of the course really knocked the wind out of me, and the hills over the last half defiantly felt worse than last year. Finished strong, and now looking forward to the weeks ahead as i have a better idea of where my fitness is. Final note, the course was about a 1/10th of a mile short.

weather ranged from 63-71. Sunny with a cool breeze only during the first half. Last 4 miles brutal heat.