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9:03 AM

12 mi


7:17 mi


162 lb


67 F

Race Result

3 / 156 (1.9%)


good stuff. Mostly Single Track, lots of switch backs. Wouldn't say i was broken, but definitely kicked my butt. went through the first water stop (4mi) in 4th and just relaxed a bit and let things roll as they went. I think about 5.5 in we went through a sketchy area of the course where it wasn't marked all that well. Not much longer crossed another section unmarked and Judson who was just in front of me turned around, i followed but not 20 seconds later Andy, who knew the course well directed us onward. No wrong turns. Not too big of a deal. Loss a little time at that point, but i think i made it up at miles 6 and 7. Slip sliding all around, i defiantly need some trail shoes if i'm going to continue running trails. The last 2 miles were brutal with single track and switch backs that were some crazy.