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11:05 AM

3.5 mi


6:01 mi


184 lb
128 bpm
142 bpm
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For nearly no running these past 2 months, This wasn't terrible I thought. Went out from the school and made a right onto route 1. A couple of young highschool guys and Pete Williams and I neck and neck. At the turn, onto ridge road, it was just Pete Williams and me. After about 1.2 Pete Dropped back on the hill. The turnaround was a litte tricky as it was at the memorial site of Addison, snow and Ice made me come to a grinding halt. After that, It was downhill to mile 3. I felt like I had no turnover. I could hear Pete behind me, probably 20 yards or so, I just kept pushing. Once back to ridge road I hear my watch go off for mile 3, and then I knew for sure it was a really long course. Went through 5k in 18:3x something. the last 2:30 was a climb back to the school. Heart Rate data is way off for this one. Walked away with a 15lb Turkey.