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8:04 AM

21.4 mi


7:45 mi


106.2 lb
153 bpm
173 bpm


33 F
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Starting temp 33, DP 23; ending temp 42, DP 23. Wind of 7 MPH from WSW according to Garmin; Wunderground says 10 MPH from west, which is consistent with how the late miles felt.

Met Carolyn and Alex at Fletchers (also joined by Tisha for first miles), and ran a loop of the mall before doing 3 loops of Hains. Ran this progressive - first 7 averaged 8:50; next 7 averaged 7:32; last 7 averaged 6:47 (but I think the two 6:5x miles were Garmin error, and actually faster).

Two stops - one to use the bathroom during mile 8, and then a quicker one to retie shoes/top off water in mile 13 just before the start of the MP segment.

Pretty happy with this one - the MP part felt very solid and controlled and honest M effort. A little slower than I'd like for marathon pace, but I think the headwind for most miles had something to do with that. (we did have a tailwind for the 6:36).

Took two GUs - a Chai Latte during the break in mile 8, and then much of an expresso GU just before the MP segment.

Breathing was Advair 250/50 and Qvar - wished I had used my rescue, as I was just a little bit tight at times.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, and maurten gel plus smores GU and one caffeinated sport bean. Sat well. Had Chipotle the day before (just steak and rice) which also sat well. Carried water but didn't need it.

Wore thick longsleeve and shorts - was very cold at first, and slightly warm at end.