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6:00 AM

7.4 mi


8:00 mi


113 lb
157 bpm
179 bpm


56 F
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Temp/DP 56. Normally the type of air that's tough for me, breathing-wise, but had no trouble today.

Ended up doing 2x3200 in 12:53 (6:32/6:21) and 12:51 (6:27/6:24). Got a bit off rhythm in the last mile of the second rep - mis heard George and thought I had only 2 laps left when I had 3, which threw my pacing off a bit, since I had already started dropping the pace for the last 600 and had to correct to add another 400. Good practice for if I get thrown a curve ball during a race, though. Worked with Jess Chin for the first 3200 and the first mile of the second rep.

One puff Foradil in the morning; 5 puffs (no kidding) of albuterol. Also took a shot blok for quick sugar burst between the two reps.