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7:10 AM

16.2 mi


7:28 mi


115 lb


40 F
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Temp started at 40, ended at 48. My Garmin's eaten all data for today (appears to have skipped back a day - DST issue?) so had to reconstruct from a) Andrew's Garmin and b) my recollection of my final time (I had noted that, and also that my HR never got above mid-170s - low for me.

Ran Haines Point with Jessica, Aaron, Tenley, and Andrew, then continued on for another 2 miles or so on Towpath. Very nice run -- didn't push too hard because I'm still feelign slightly off, but felt better as run continued (and company was good). One Roctane+water at water fountain at tip of Hains Point.

Followed with squats - 4x8 at 105, 115, 125, 135.