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7:47 AM

7 mi


8:29 mi


107.3 lb
151 bpm
172 bpm


44 F
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Temp 49 DP 36, wind of 7 mph from south (didn't notice). Light on and off rain.

Parked in Georgetown and did an out and back towards Bethesda. Did my standard warm-up, and then a "mile" between mile markers 9.0 and 10.0 - it ended up being a bit over a mile both because I ran from mile marker 9 (instead of the paint line that is the accurate marker) and because I didn't see mile marker 10 until I was past it. Did the ~mile in 6:38, which is supposedly 6:31 pace. Sounds about right. The pace felt very doable for 13 miles. Legs felt fresh once I got moving.

Did drills and strides after.

Wore ankle braces - L/R balance was 48.9/51.1.

Would have been nice if my left shoe could have stayed tied.

No caffeine for this run.