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8:00 AM

13.2 mi


7:30 mi


123 lb
163 bpm
173 bpm


38 F
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Temp of 39 - very nice weather. Workout was supposed to be 3 miles on, 1 mile off, 2 miles on, 1 mile off, 1 mile on.

I misunderstood the workout, and thought it was just an easier version of our 3,2,1 tempo workout (because of longer recoveries). Turns out that it was supposed to be a much easier version of the workout, running at marathon pace instead of tempo. Ooops.

Felt good -- the start of the first 3 mile set was a bit tough because I wasn't warmed up yet and felt pretty stiff. Other than that, it was fun. Ran with Dave and Jenny. It was fun to tempo on a trail instead of the track -- much easier mentally.

Since no reliable markers, I did by time - ran hard from 8:24 to 8:44 am; easy from 8:44 to 8:52 am, hard from 8:52 to 9:05 am, easy from 9:05 to 9:12 am, and then hard from 9:12 to 9:18 am. Ended up working pretty well. Paces for the three segments ended up being 6:37, 6:39, 6:35 (7:47 and 8:14 for recovery) -- of course, the Garmin ain't exact.

Calves/post tib/plantar all a bit tight at end.

Followed with injury prevention work at gym - 3x8 squats at 115, 135, 145, 2x10 good mornings at 105.

3 puffs of inhaler before, plus pepto. No gels or drinking -- didn't need it.

I think my scale is broken -- I'm pretty sure I didn't gain 7 pounds in one day.