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8:07 AM

21.5 mi


7:38 mi


112 lb
152 bpm
170 bpm


54 F
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Started at 53 degrees and light rain; ended in the low 60s. A bit of a head wind at times, especially on Cap Crescent which was surprising.

Long run - went out with group (including Kate N., Ann, Lauren, Kevin, and others) towards Pierce Mill. Chris C, Jay, Shannon and myself continued on to Susanna drive, and then Shannon and I finished the loop, though we split up for the last part right at Barnes+Noble.

Split this as first 1.5 at 9:34, next 5.5 at 8:24; next 7 at 7:28; last 7.5 at 6:55. Averaged 7:38 overall. Felt tired throughout, but like legs could go forever, and like I could have added a few more miles at end. George said I looked good when I passed Fletchers in the home stretch. Since I felt in control and pretty good, I continued past Fletchers to MM 8.5 and then doubled back to bring it up to 21.5. Felt like I could have run a few more miles at same effort.

Maple Bacon GU before start, Salted Watermelon GU split between 7 and 10; 1/2 of Apple GU at 14. Also drank UCan the day before, and carb-loaded like I will for my marathon. One puff Foradil in morning, didn't need albuterol.

My head does hurt a bit, especially sinuses - not sure whether mold allergy or I'm getting sick. But either way, this was a good run. It's a good sign that I can feel lousy and slightly sick, and still have a solid long run without straining.

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