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8:06 AM

16 mi


7:29 mi


114 lb
158 bpm
173 bpm


49 F
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Starting temp 49, DP 43; ending temp 55, DP 46. Slight wind on Hains Point.

Did the 4-3-2-1 out and back on Hains Point, sort-of but not really with the group of Stephen, Jamey, John, and Shannon. We all ended up breaking into different groups, since we're all at different stages in our training.

Split it as

4 miles: 27:32 (6:49/6:54/6:55/6:54) - averaged 6:53

3 miles: 20:33 (6:53/6:48/6:52) (plus an extra minute at this pace, since I didn't feel the Garmin vibrate to mark the end of the third mile) - averaged 6:51

2 miles: 13:39 (6:57/6:42) - averaged 6:50

1 mile: 6:36

Felt like I was working, but in control, and never straining. For some reason, these workouts always come easy. Focused on running relaxed, rather than trying to chase a pace, and just let the pace be what it was.

Took too much of a break after the 4 mile (everybody in the group wanted a water stop), and then overshot the 3 mile, so had a shorter recovery.

Breathing was slightly straining on the 4, so used rescue inhaler between 4 and 3. SInce I'm trying to keep my mileage a bit lower, I finished right at Fletchers and skipped a cooldown.

One puff of Dulera in the morning and a Maple Bacon Gu. Also took a Strawberry Kiwi Roctane halfway through.